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Clean Code is no Dirt

When something is dirty then that thing is not clean. Simple! Right?

Needless Comments

First of all, let me come to my very first point which is an easy point.


First Things First

Cucumber is a BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) tool and BDD is a software development design technique aimed at developing End 2 End tests to drive the design of the application code.


In the software industry you might have heard of the role as a Software Developer or the role as a Software Engineer.

By Definition

A Software Developer is basically a programmer who writes code to implement features for building a software application.


First of all, what is a DevOps Engineer?

A Quick CI/CD Space Overview

This space is congested. First of all, the most famous one of all is perhaps Jenkins. Who haven’t heard of Jenkins right?


Despite all the tools and features available out there today to assist you in setting a project easily, there is yet still a lot to do to get it set up properly. This is certainly the case for me when i start a new Java project. Spinning up a new Java project these days might seem easy and painless (see section on Spring below) but there is definitely some extra work involved to get the project in a really good usable state that is releasable, deployable, production ready, and with good test setup.

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