All my “mates” have gone — I’m leaving too

Colin But
4 min readApr 29
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Many years ago I was working for a software development company doing software development. To remain anonymous and retain a bit of privacy for the company I worked due to a matter of respect I will not disclose this particular company but feel free to stalk my LinkedIn and guess what company I am referring to.

So what is the story here then?

I was working in a relatively small team of 6–8 software developers. We bonded very well. Quickly, collectively we realised most of us share the same outlook and similar mindset on the various software development topics. We have the same views on software professionalism.

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Socially wise, we regularly had team lunches. We ate out a lot.

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We trolled to our nearest food market and sat on the grass of an area having a picnic during the summer days. We held frequent social gatherings. We played pool and table tennis in our company’s office social area during and after working hours. Ah — how fun it was!

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One of the best team I’ve ever worked in I would say.

But good things do come to an end as people say.

My colleague left.

I was heart broken. I felt really sad. I never felt this way before. I still remember the day he announced his departure and all the rest of us were in utter shock. Disappointment at his decision at first but soon felt happy for him as he was then moving onto pastures new.

The grass is always greener as they say!

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The rest of us missed him of course.

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