I caught Covid-19 for the very first time and it was so painful

Colin But
5 min readDec 7, 2022

It is nearly 3 years since Covid-19 first outbreak. Not many people are talking about it now anymore, certainly where I’m living right now.

I was literally thinking at one point recently that since it is nearly 3 years since Covid-19 first outbreak and the fact that we now had various different mutations of the disease plus not many people are talking about it and things and life seems to be back to a normality in recent months I really thought I wouldn’t catch the disease.

I even thought maybe I have caught it in the past 2–3 years but it is just that not many symptoms showed up on me and I was fine given that I have been triple vaccinated.

But how wrong was I?

I recently caught Covid-19. It never occurred to me that I caught it until my wife literally forced me to get tested for it as she was so concerned.

So here’s the story…

On one Autumn day I was seeing my parents with my wife. Suddenly, one day I was coughing a little bit. It was fine. I brushed it off as a ‘change in season’ or ‘change in weather conditions’ effect. You know, the transition from Summer to Autumn. The sign that Summer is officially over. Weather has become chillier than usual. Maybe I’ve been so accustomed to the Summer weather this year as it seemed Summer weather time to be endless. I mean… heatwave after heatwave with scorching heat so how can you blame me for thinking that right?

During that same day, I was feeling fine. I went to the beach that day too. There was a small breeze so it was a little bit windy. I had a jacket on so I felt fine still. Whenever I felt a little bit cold, I put my jacket hood over my head. Onlookers thought I was nuts.

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