I love working from home (remotely) so much

Colin But
4 min readAug 13, 2022

Since the pandemic started, just like most people, I’ve been working from home.

As someone who lives in London, I can’t stress enough how much I love & enjoy working from home.

Working from home has more benefits than working in an office in my opinion. To the contrary, working from home is an enablement for you to be more productive. Perhaps 10 times more productive than working in an office. Why you may ask?

Focus Time

The lesser the distractions within an office, the more you can establish what I call ‘focus time’ for yourself. With more focus time you can get more stuff done. ✅

There are so many distractions within an office!

Think of the amount of Coffee or Toilet breaks you take. Someone tapping you on the shoulder to ask you a question about something that is only important to them and the pressure of the demand from them that you have to satisfy them. Or how about the times you play Pool with your colleague in the ‘social breakout’ area?

Or perhaps Ping Pong Table Tennis is more your thing…

The comfort of home



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