Why I chose Software as a profession

Colin But
4 min readJul 15, 2022

I am going to tell you a short story about why i decided upon this career path in the first place.

First, i want to go back to when i was a kid. I didn’t have the luxury of what my other school mates had — a games console, a computer etc. I never had one when i was young. My parents never bought me one despite me wanting one. They wanted me to concentrate on my education. And because of not having it, it made me wanting it more as the years gone past, therefore my passion for technology grew. Don’t get me wrong; i am not bitter at all and i am not having a resentment towards my parents at all. Today, i really understand that due to family circumstances and my parents good intentions of why they decide to do what they did to me. It was all for my goodness and i really can’t thank them enough for it. Without their hard work and persistence on keeping my feet on the ground and not letting me carried away being a spoilt brat i definitely wouldn’t have achieved what i have achieved to date.

When i was 14 years, the point i needed to pick subjects in school, at this moment i was very clear what i wanted to do. I picked ‘Computing’ as a subject because i wanted to do computing related stuff as a career. But why you ask? Still, even though i knew what school subjects to pick and what to focus on i still had to have a view of what i want to become when i grew up.

So, not long after, i quickly realised that what i wanted to become is a ‘Software Programmer’. This might sound stupid but i knew this after i watched the 1995 film “Hackers” on TV. Not because of the good looking Angelina Jolie but more so because I was totally immersed with the aspect of ‘hacking’ from the film. Of course, i know this is illegal but from then onwards i knew my logical career goal was to do something related to that and i identified Software Engineering was this and such that i wanted to work in this industry. I fell in love with programming, enjoying writing code, and do anything that is software related. So i studied Computer Science in university.

Soon after graduating, unsurprisingly i moved into the Software Engineering industry. I worked in many different roles and positions doing all sorts of things. From development to testing to support to business analysis to working in operations. After spending time in…

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